API Radian Laser Tracker... Smarter. Faster. More Accurate. More Flexible.

API Radian Laser Tracker
Radian™ is the smallest, most accurate, most versatile, and most intelligent laser tracker on the market. The exclusive on-the-shaft mounting of the laser head eliminates bending mirrors and thermally induced errors, and increases accuracy and stability. Radian™ includes all the characteristics of API’s advanced laser tracking technology:

• Highest precision and accuracy

• Largest working volume

• Lowest cost of ownership

• Still the industry's smallest IFM/ADM laser tracker

• Dynamic continuous-point measuring

New INNOVO™ Technology

Radian™ features INNOVO™ Technology, API’s powerful new software and camera integration. INNOVO™ makes the Radian™ more intelligent, easier to use, more flexible, and more stable.

INNOVO™ Technology also includes these features:

•I-Vision™ automatically captures the laser beam.

•The widest angle view camera in the industry stays with the operator

•Integrated camera, for still and video image capture

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