Solid Steel Retro-Sphere Repair

Solid Steel SMR Repair
Have you got one of those great solid steel retro-spheres? You know… The ones that you can drop, pick up, and just keep on measuring? Has it become scratched and unusable over time? Get it fixed! We can restore the reflective surface to make it as good as new. And you’d be surprised at how cost effective the process is!

A refurbished SMR is just as accurate as a new one, it lasts just as long, and when you get it back from repair it has all of the same certifications as a new one. So why not refurbish that damaged or worn out SMR that you’re using as a paperweight on your desk?

Item# SMRS-15-005RF Refurbish 1.5-inch SMR / 0.0005-inch Centering

Item# SMRS-05-005RF Refurbish 0.5-inch SMR / 0.0005-inch Centering

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