Get your SMR Repaired

Classic SMR Repair
Everyone knows what happens when you drop a Spherically Mounted Retroreflector (SMR). The glass reflector inside breaks or its alignment changes, and that expensive investment in targeting is now worthless. If you are lucky enough to never have dropped your SMR, in time the mirrored finish can be damaged by harsh environments or just by cleaning it, and once againÖ Itís worthless.

What most people donít know is that most of the time, the reflector can be replaced for substantially less than buying a new SMR.

A refurbished SMR is just as accurate as a new one, it lasts just as long, and when you get it back from repair it has all of the same certifications as a new one. So why not refurbish that damaged or worn out SMR that youíre using as a paperweight on your desk?

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Item# SMR-05-005RF Refurbish 0.5" SMR / 0.0005" Centering

Item# SMR-875-005RF Refurbish 0.875" SMR / 0.0005" Centering

Item# SMR-15-005RF Refurbish 1.5" SMR / 0.0005" Centering

Item# SMR-05-001RF Refurbish 0.5" SMR / 0.0001" Centering

Item# SMR-875-001RF Refurbish 0.875" SMR / 0.0001" Centering

Item# SMR-15-001RF Refurbish 1.5" SMR / 0.0001" Centering

Item# SMR-05-001RQ Re-qualify, Inspect, & issue certification 0.5" SMR

Item# SMR-875-00RQ Re-qualify, Inspect, & issue certification 0.875" SMR

Item# SMR-15-001RQ Re-qualify, Inspect, & issue certification 1.5" SMR